The Law of Attraction by Abraham-Hicks

Abraham -Hicks are great teachers of the LOA — Law of Attraction
They say: It’s interesting whenever we visit with teachers or healers or so many of you doing such wonderful work … we notice that the questions that you ask and the way you are approaching your clients or patients… Very often, you forget that your work is about YOUR energy, not about theirs. Law of Attraction 

What are energy workers? That is the biggest difficulty we have in interacting with people who call themselves energy workers . You think you’re working in their energy and you’re not working in their energy. You’re working in your OWN energy.

Now your energy has been affected by your desire to help them but it’s still your energy that you’re working in, you see.

So you sort of have to disregard where they are but get a sense of where they want to be and then give that your undivided attention.

And people will find you to be MAGIC .

And then we want you to say to them … This is how you do it.

Otherwise, there will be a line at your door that will ruin your life.

You must give them self-empowerment.  That is good!

— Master Course Video, DVD 1, 2005.

-Abraham-Hicks – Law of Attraction


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I'm an energy healer, Laser Reiki Master, teacher, writer, coach, and I have written many books. I teach the Law of Attraction and "You can achieve your dreams!!
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