Secret Societies Use the Law of Attraction

This secret use of the Law of Attraction has made and kept families very rich. It is one of the most closely guarded secrets of all times.

If the common people knew that they could do, have or be anything then there would be no peasant society for the rich to live off of.

Law of Attraction in action:  Start with Visualization…

You make pictures in your mind all the time. As you drive to work, take a walk, watch TV, cook dinner, and even while you dream at night. Listen to these CD’s when you drive to work — “Your Wish Is Your Command”. For example, picturing yourself relaxing on the beach makes you feel good. Picturing yourself having an argument with your boss  makes you feel bad. You must control your thoughts as your mind goes through it process of thinking.

If you become aware of your thoughts,you might notice that you have mind chatter.

You can have, do or be  anything that you want  and when you use these CD’s “Your Wish Is Your Command” you will be aligning your dreams with the Law of Attraction in a positive way.

Yes, thoughts do become things when held long and strong enough. But there is more to manifesting your dreams than just visualizing. Visualizing is part of the  steps of the Law of Attraction as used by the Secret Societies. You can learn this information as taught in the secret clubs.


About tvance

I'm an energy healer, Laser Reiki Master, teacher, writer, coach, and I have written many books. I teach the Law of Attraction and "You can achieve your dreams!!
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2 Responses to Secret Societies Use the Law of Attraction

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  2. Jeff says:

    The global elite don’t care if non-elitists know the law of attraction, it’s that our brains are the most powerful transmitters and receivers that they don’t want us to know about. So I know this, but the catch is you have to feel good for the LOA to work in your favor. That’s a very tall order, to feel good most of the time.

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