Is all a blessing? Empower yourself!

Make every experience a learning experience
What is next for you? You  may have been hurt in the past. Be endlessly curious about what the Universe has to give you. The Universe want’s to support you!
Just as importantly, be meaningfully willing to take the next step, that is, investigate things about the things that matter most to you. You need to be proactive. Go for what you want!
Expect to be supported by angels, spirit guides to find valuable, useful knowledge everywhere you go, from each person you meet, and you will be pleasantly surprised. You wil find that truly everything is a blessing!
The Law of attraction is at work — but to attract the best of the best, you need to project the best possible pictures. Whatever you project you get even more of….
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Use the Law of Attraction to Empower Yourself

This was one of the best kept secrets of the ages is — Using the Law of Attraction to Empower Yourself!  Law of Attraction = LOA The very rich have controlled their thoughts and passed on this technology for generations. That is why most of the rich are rich!

How can you possible believe that your thoughts are shaping your reality? From the story over time – We have been lead to believe that we are weak and “not good enough”! (What ever you believe will come upon you… be careful of what you think.)

Louise Hay who is a long time supporter of the LOA  and the secret says:  “Negative thinking, negative comments — both can keep you from obtaining the things you want in life!” Especially negative mind chatter — it will keep away all your dreams and goals. Your Thoughts are pulling in the feelings of either happiness or sadness. The Law of Attraction will not judge nor will it control your thoughts. You get whatever you think about!

The Law of Attraction is alive and at work 24/7 and your life is being created by your attention, your thoughts and all decisions to sabotage yourself. On the other hand your thoughts when under control of your spiritual being can see happiness and wealth — and your life takes a turn for the best possible outcome!

To get cleared you might like to read more about an advanced clearing technique and training course – Laser Reiki  Want to read more about getting rid of negative thinking, curses, bad energy, etc. go to


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LOA – Being needy gets you more neediness | Do you need money?

Your money is already here! Be grateful!

What is the LOA? The Law of Attraction is an old metaphysical New Thought belief that “like attracts like”, that positive and negative thinking bring about positive and negative physical results, respectively.

Even in the Holy Bible is is stated as you sew so shall you reap! According to the Law of Attraction, the phrase “I need more money” allows the subject to continue to “need more money”. You are needy! LOA – Being needy gets you more neediness.

If the Person wants to change this they would focus their thoughts on the goal (having more money) rather than the problem (needing more money). This might take the form of phrases such as “I will make more money” or “I will find a job that pays very well”.

Go to the next step of “already having the money and start being thankful because you now have the money!”

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Kevin Trudeau starts GIN

About GIN: It has JUST STARTED. You can get in at the beginning of the beginning. This is a total ground floor once in a lifetime opportunity.

In 1996 a very successful wealthy friend of mine (KT) launched a multi-level marketing program. This man is a TV celebrity and a number 1 New York Times bestselling author. His books have sold an estimated 50 million copies.  When he launched this new MLM program in 1996, the company was publically traded on NASDAQ with a stock price of just .50 cents. In less than 18 months over 200,000 joined this company. Sales exceeded $250,000,000! And the stock went to $35!!!

What ever he touches is a success because he uses the law of attraction…

Many people that got in at the beginning made millions. Don’t you wish YOU had gotten in back then at the very beginning?

Well my friend sold his equity in 1999 and made yet another fortune.

Now, my friend is doing it AGAIN!

This time with over 30 other wealthy people from around the world!  Together they have launched a BRAND NEW program……the Global Information Network.

For the first time in history, a money making program is being launched WORLDWIDE SIMULTANEOUSLY!

This is totally ground floor. This is totally new.  You are among the VERY FIRST people to be hearing about this. Those who get in on the ground floor of these types of opportunities have the chance to make the most money.

This will teach you to create new nuero Pathways for success… 90 days from today you could be making more money than you ever imagined.

It is the most revolutionary money making program I have ever seen. Nothing like this has been done before. It has a MLM twist that could make this the fastest growing MLM type program of all time.

It has JUST STARTED. You can get in at the beginning of the beginning. This is a total ground floor once in a lifetime opportunity.

I am a member, and I believe millionaires will be made faster than with any other program…. Ever!

We’ve doubled our income — and not in the NLN part — just by expanding our consciousness.

This is real and happening now.

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The Law of Attraction by Abraham-Hicks

Abraham -Hicks are great teachers of the LOA — Law of Attraction
They say: It’s interesting whenever we visit with teachers or healers or so many of you doing such wonderful work … we notice that the questions that you ask and the way you are approaching your clients or patients… Very often, you forget that your work is about YOUR energy, not about theirs. Law of Attraction 

What are energy workers? That is the biggest difficulty we have in interacting with people who call themselves energy workers . You think you’re working in their energy and you’re not working in their energy. You’re working in your OWN energy.

Now your energy has been affected by your desire to help them but it’s still your energy that you’re working in, you see.

So you sort of have to disregard where they are but get a sense of where they want to be and then give that your undivided attention.

And people will find you to be MAGIC .

And then we want you to say to them … This is how you do it.

Otherwise, there will be a line at your door that will ruin your life.

You must give them self-empowerment.  That is good!

— Master Course Video, DVD 1, 2005.

-Abraham-Hicks – Law of Attraction

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Kevin Trudeau Teaches LOA

Do You have Kevin Trudeau’s 14 CD’s called “Your Wish Is Your Command?”
FREE workshops: All of these world class workshops are entirely free with a GIN membership. If a person had to buy them individually they would costs up to $5000 each one. They also are available free online at members website.

Okay, so why are we posting this letter? We know that you can do this…

Kevin has asked us to coach you and to help you with this consciousness training. Hopefully you are listening to the CDs over and over…

A private club is now open for you to start getting this training. We want to impress upon you the fact that the Global Information Network (GIN) is a first class consciousness growth club.  Not only do they have a world class private club, but you save thousands of dollars to study with the multi billion dollar instructors. Also they put their events on in places that get you used to being a winner i.e., Bahamas, Atlantis Hotel, as well as local 1st class hotels.

These world class consciousness workshops are entirely free with a GIN membership.  They also are available free online download at member’s website.

In the Bahamas, we had 3 days of these workshops, a chance to mingle with people like us and the trainers.  On Saturday evening there was a formal gourmet banquet, music, dance at no extra charge.

You feel special at the GIN events

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The Law of Attaction is Taught in Secret Societies

The Law of Attraction is alive and well — but hidden from the average slave in the world.

If we all knew about  “thoughts are things” and that our brains were broadcasters of information — then we might be more careful of what we are thinking.

There are a Law of Attraction 14 CD set being sold by Natural Cures / Kevin Trudeau that are amazing and very good tools to clean up your stinking thinking. We all have it because we are a product of going to government schools.

Email us [maico56 (at) gmail .com] or just leave a comment here on this blog. We will even help you achieve the success and wealth you desire! Join the Global Information Network with us by going there and signing up — we invite you since we are members in good standing. Our affiliate number is 1512125.

We joined the Global Information Network where we can purchase the 14 CD’s by Kevin Trudeau called Your Wish Is Your Command. We have those 14 CD’s for a special of only $100. (Save $200 by our special price.)

Check out the Natural Cures — as seen on TV and their price is $299 for the same 14 CD’s Your Wish Is Your Command. It is truly life changing!

It is the Law of Attraction as taught by the secret societies. Kevin Trudeau has let the cat out of the bag — along with 30 more billionaires who formed this secret club for people like us who want to get ahead.

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